Insurance Claims, the First Choice way:

Here at FCF our dedicated salesperson, Amanda, handles all of our insurance claims. Feel free to request an appointment by clicking the “request an appointment” button below.

We take pride in any task that we take on, no matter the size or type, just ask our customers.

Client: Hayley Hessln

“I had a not-so-minor flood and Amanda handled the entire flooring replacement job through my insurance company. She was very professional: she organized everything from furniture and baseboard removal to the hardwood installation and vinyl replacement; she was onsite to measure and make sure things went smoothly; and she checked in at the end to be sure I was satisfied. Both installers did great work and were also great to work with. Everyone was on time and didn't leave me hanging. I'd recommend her for all flooring needs.”

Posted: May 2nd, 2017 on Houzz


ICC Flooring replacement Guidelines: For Policy Holder

Step 1: You will be supplied with a list of local flooring retailers on your validation report. Choose a retailer from the list and set up a consultation appointment.

Step 2: Discuss your specific flooring replacement needs with the ICC retailer and understand all of your flooring replacement options. If you have concerns about the assigned material replacement value, please discuss with the retailer and ensure you are comfortable with the value and suggested replacement products.

Step 3: The ICC Retailer will provide a quote to the insurance company based on a measured flooring quality, validated material cost and established regional labour rates. This value will be submitted to your insurance Company for approval.

Step 4: Once the ICC estimate is approved, the ICC retailer will communicate with you and the work can be scheduled. It is a good idea at this point to have your flooring material picked out to ensure that the replacement work can be completed as soon as possible once the claim is approved.